10 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

When you’re working on a budget, it’s better to improve upon your existing marketing efforts and make the most out of your prevailing audience than reaching out for far-fetched goals in thin air. And while at it, Conversion Rate Optimization can speed up your progress by a good notch.

Effective implementation of CRO techniques can simmer down the drop-off and bounce-back rates at each step of the conversion funnel, without stripping you of your capital.

But, the trouble is that CRO techniques and technicians fall flat when the right tools are not used. It’s much like how a surgeon fails his job when he/she decides to make an incision using the forceps.

Using tools the right way not only makes your CRO results more plausible but also simplifies the process and eases you of many ordeals. They provide a quality automation, analysis, advice, etc. that visibly helps improve ROI. Here are reviews and opinions on 10 of the best CRO tools for you to benefit from.

  1.   Unbounce


This is a modern landing page analytics service which offers a good variety of the latest features required to build landing page campaigns.

Along with accurately measuring and analyzing conversions, working in collaboration with other software for improved analytics, etc. Unbounce offers the following benefits to your CRO campaign:

  • Drag and drop elements – Unbounce caters to the marketers who are not experts in coding by allowing landing pages to be created through basic drag and drop. These landing pages can then also be optimized for different devices.
  • Lightboxes – if A/B testing every single page takes more time than you can spare, use lightboxes or pop-ups to boost conversion rates and attract new visitors on your webpage.


  1.   Hotjar


This is a rare analytics tool which covers thoroughly details such as ‘who’ and ‘what’ your visitors are doing on the website. The invaluable metrics provided by Hotjar, together with the following, make it an ideal choice for a CRO tool:

  • Competitive pricing – $89 per month, tops.
  • Heatmaps – from clicks and taps to scrolling behavior, find out which part of
  • the website engages the visitors for the greatest amount of time.
  • Funnels – perfect for building simple funnels, with up to 6 steps.
  • Forms – you can trace how far your visitor filled out a certain form on the website and where they left off and thus, improvise.
  • Polls – get surveys filled out and polling done from the users to improve upon the user experience you provide them.


  1.   Adobe Analytics


This is the all-seeing analytics tool which provides insights of every step of your funnel. It consists of the following:

  • Mobile app analytics
  • Insightful ad hoc analysis
  • Live monitoring of marketing campaigns, as they are carried out
  • Data organization in the form of reports and dashboards
  • Cross-channel analysis


  1.   Mixpanel


This is a progressive version of the much famous Google Analytics. Following are the metrics which have been made twice as easy to track with Mixpanel:

  • User engagement – what primarily drives the user to take the action you wish for them to take
  • Retention – track the number of users which visit your website a second time and the factors which result in user retention
  • Analyzing leads – your leads are people with various interests and priorities. Getting insights into the aforementioned with Mixpanel can help you improve your product as well as the marketing.
  • Mobile surveys – get to know what makes up and lacks in your user experience straight from the users themselves.



    Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a one-of-a-kind CRO tool which actually plays back your user actions while they were on your website. This may sound a little creepy but it’s one really helpful tool in the hands of marketers. Here are some of the cool features Lucky Orange offers:

  • Form analytics – automatically calculates form metrics, abandonment rate, conversion rate, engagement rate, and records the actions of people who abandoned the form whilst filling.
  • Live Chat software – the marketer as well as the visitor can initiate to live chat from every page of the website. It allows the marketer/webpage manager to access user’s screen as the two chat.
  • Visitor Recordings – watch your visitor browse through the website with their mouse paths drawn over HTML. Store these recordings for later viewing or chat with the visitor while viewing his/her browsing patterns.
  • Heat Maps – aggregated click data forms mouse movement and scroll depth heat maps.




Omniconvert is focused primarily on the following three aspects critical to the success of your conversion rate:

  • Web Personalization – a simplified solution to gathering client feedback, considering actionable insights and shaping them into ideas, personalizing messages for greater impact, and interacting with the right target audience.
  • Surveys – an effective means of receiving feedback from your target audience and constantly improving on user experience.
  • A/B Testing – this comes next to gathering an evaluating user feedback. Changing elements of marketing campaigns and testing their effect on user activity; all made super easy!





This amazing CRO tool offers to survey visitors as they browse through your website. Typically, Quaraloo is used to pose questions at visitors while they are on a certain webpage and use their answers to improve your marketing copy.

However, businesses are also using it for lead generation. By asking users certain questions you can categorize them into the specific funnel they belong to and then offer them a product/service accordingly. ‘Customer service’, such as this, generates more leads than you can expect.



    Browser Stack



Want to test your entire website, and not just individual pages, across different browsers? Browser Stack is the go-to tool for that because of the following features:

  • Test on multiple mobile devices
  • Test on over 1000 web browsers
  • Test your internal website, before it goes live, without any configuration or setup



    Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is one of the renowned CRO tools that helps you collect feedback and turn it into insights. This is how:

  • Create polls and survey questionnaires about anything, ranging from customer engagement to employee satisfaction.
  • While you’re at it, take help from expert-certified templates in Survey Monkey’s archives.
  • Spread out the survey questionnaire on the web.
  • Start collecting responses in real time.
  • With the Analyze tool, create insights and reports out of the collected responses.





This CRO tool lets you track a number of metrics in the most simplified, actionable manner possible. Some of its features include:

      • Real-time analytics –  update and save all your reports
      • Detailed analysis – the Clicky dashboard offers great detail about the actions of the visitors on your website
      • Heatmaps – get insights into each visitor’s individual browsing session and his/her interaction with your website
      • Uptime Monitoring – get alerts whenever your websites goes down and fix it before any major damage


While you may think these tools have got you all covered and now conversion rates are about to experience high time, these tools work only when used for the right purposes and with regular check and balance. However, these are certainly reliable tools which will prove to be a boon for your CRO strategies.




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