How This Accessories Brand grew by 312% in 4 Months

How this store grew from $32,000 to $132,000 in under 4 months

There is nothing more we love, than helping businesses grow via online marketing and lead generation. Whether it’s with Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Marketing, Paid Search or Content Development, one of the biggest features to take advantage of are sales funnels and conversion rate optimization. This is the approach we took to take an Ecommerce Store increase its sales by 54% in 48 days.

The image bellows contains information showing Data from September 1st until November 23rd since I did not want to have a biased metric and counting Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday deals.

First thing I want to do, is start with proof, see the image below

Actually, sales funnels, conversion rate and facebook marketing was the approach that skyrocketed sales and conversion rate. One of the best aspects we learn in life is how to make friends, the same should happen to every business.

Just because a prospect can choose and make a decision does not mean we can force to purchase, but we can surely make it as easy as possible for them to actually enjoy and have good time upon landing on a page. Below, we will start seeing the lead generation approach that made the results possible.

See how we Made a $500,000 E-commerce Increase Sales by 54% in 48 days. Here are the key take always:

  • Conversion Rate Optimizations Homepage and Cart
  • Bounce Rate and Average Duration Site
  • Facebook Marketing and Retargeting
  • Checkout drop off rates
  • Conversion Rate and how to apply this teachings to your business.

Before we continue, an additional 54% to a $500,0000 per year business is $350,000

Increasing sales and conversion rate is beautiful thing to do. Working on them together requires incredible amount analysis tests, back end changes, facebook marketing campaigns and email marketing changes. Testing is the key to be able to deliver results and always finding ways to improve.

Remember, website visitors behave differently per channel, therefore remain creative and optimistic to always test.

First Steps: Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate was sitting at 1.33% for all of 2016, and at around 1.66% for the Months of September and the first 15 days of October.

Holidays are the busy season for most ecommerce stores, therefore, Moonglow was in need of ramping up their strategy to be ready for the big days coming up.

Upon analyzing and making several changes to the website such as the Menu Bar, Product Images, Product Pages, and Data Analysis, the ramping up process began to better react to customer’s behavior and expectations.

Perconvly analyzed behavior flow, most visited URLs, product pages, abandoned cart and abandoned order percentages to see where was the actual “turn off” occurring to it’s visitors. With only a 1.33% percent of visitors, there had to be aspects that needed changes in order to move

Per reports and user breakdown analysis, we realized users had to go through a rough process to finalize the actual checkout process.

It was also difficult for users to see all of the beautiful jewelry pieces offered by the brand.

We started by eliminating all unnecessary actions throughout the entire website in order to reduce the amount of clicks it takes to finalize an order.


Being a 60% desktop vs. 40% mobile, it was crucial to fix landing page issues upon seeing the brand through a Facebook ad. This resulted in:

  • Changes to the menu bar
  • Addition of an auto-fill search bar
    •     Did you know automated search bars can help increase sales by more than 7% per year?
  • Re-arrangement of popular products in order to organize in Revenue Order
    •     This helps create an user perception of best sellers and hottest products
  • Adding Yotpo to be able to provide customer reviews per product.
    •     This way, website visitors have the ability to see what thoughts previous customers are sharing.
    •     It helps clear doubts, concerns and issues that might not be resolved from a product picture or product description.
  • A Deep Dive Analytics dive to guarantee user expectaction while ensuring the emotional connection is there.
    •     Measuring Exit Rates
    •     Measuring Bounce Rates
    •     Optimizing Funnels instead of driving every single person to the home or a product page
    •     Increasing average time spent on site to set goals and remarketing campaigns per time spent on site.

A 1.33% conversion rate meant there was too much money being left out on the table. As I sit here writing this case study on December 9th at 9pm, conversion rate is at 4.87%

With a 51% increase in sales from the previous year and a 36.64% increase in conversion rate, meaning it was 3.58% before.

Split testing Facebook Marketing campaigns, SEO titles, improving email marketing campaigns and story telling is what has gotten the website to this next level. As an owner or digital marketer or person managing a website, if you are not setting benchmarks, setting goals and tracking actions of every single major action taken, your process is wrong.

Knowing exactly what was done, on what parameters and for how long the parameter run will play a major role in the success you are going achieve.


The Checkout Pages are one of the best ways to immediately start increasing conversion Rate. Per Meeting with Moonglow, their conversion rate was sitting at 1.33% for 2016 and 1.51% for the Month of September and First 15 days of October. Note, that our starting date was October 18th.

With the holidays coming up, we knew this was the perfect timing to move along pieces with a better design and a better User Experience to get to the desired conversion levels.

Important Note = None of the goals would have been accomplished without Moonglow’s incredible web developer. They were 100% open to many suggestions and requested changes were always done immediately upon mentioning. Teamwork between marketing + full stack developers is one of the biggest keys to success.

Goal for the first month October 18th– November 18th:

  • Move Conversion Rate by 30% and surpass the 2% breakdown on a steady basis.

Before we show you how?

“How much more would you invest back in your business if within 30 days it started generating 30% more sales?”

Better yet, “What would you do with the additional revenue if that 30% happens on a monthly basis for the next 12 months”

This is the first part of the checkout process, the most important aspect for the brand to continue to establishing a connection with the user.  This is the real estate we can use to convert and convince users that they are making the right decision.

Although in business it does come down to getting more sales, with Moonglow, our goal is to make sure every single user has the best experience while checking out. Whether, they want to see the total price with shipping or continue shopping, the goal is keep the process as simple as possible.

Poorly designed checkout pages are not only a huge turn off to consumers, but bring it out unworthy feelings and loose trust. Therefore, there were action steps taken to clear doubts and get that additional click much closer towards a final purchase. Keeping the checkout process transparent and clear is always the best way to move more people down the pipeline.

Users arriving at the Homepage are Aware

Users arriving at the Product page are ready

Users at the first step of the checkout process are now showing commitment.

Therefore, it is crucial to make sure the Facebook Pixel with the add to cart event is installed and working properly to be able to retarget or remarket back to them if they decided to drop off.


  • Include shipping price as soon as landing on the page to a final price before putting any credit card information
  • Reducing the Remove button on the left hand side next to the image of the product
  • Enlarging the product image to give the user another subconscious reminder of the great decision they are making
  • Added a color contrast between update cart and continue shopping option and added a subliminal arrow to the Call to Action

Of course not a 100% of the people that enter the checkout process will purchase, but it is important to benchmark drop off rates throughout the checkout funnel to optimize and finding ways to keep on selling.

Prior to starting, conversion rate was 1.51% for September 2016 with a drop off rate of

Only 38% continue to step two of the checkout process called /checkout/cart

Only 15.4% make it to the Checkout/Review or the third step of the checkout process.

Only  1.51% actually goes ahead and make a purchase.

After making the changes:

48% of customers continue to step two of the checkout  (26% increase)

22% of customers make it to the checkout review (42% increase)

Now, October 18th-November 18th: Conversion rate sits at 2.6%

November 18th – December 9th: 3.25% without counting black Friday and cyber Monday.

December is running at 3.72%

Bounce Rate: had a bounce rate of 50% prior to beginning work. It is not terrible, but this means the other 50% of users coming through Organic Search, Facebook, Direct and Email Marketing campaigns were struggling to find a connection and exiting the page after one interaction.

Upon installing Kissmetrics, an  analytics software to further segment event targeting, the goal was to drive consumers to not only product pages, but to entice them on specific moon characteristic and have them learn about Astrology, Horoscope and Moon Personalities.

 Even though this is an e-commerce website, users are still humans and need love, care and guidance to better relate to a product or brand.

Between October 18th and November 18th, Bounce rate had decreased by 32.34% (50.00% vs. 33.33%) while average time spent on site shifted from 2 minutes and 35 seconds to an average of 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Small tweaks and button changes for a better User Experience, increased time spent on site for more than 1 minute!

This is huge since it allows the ability to throw different remarketing campaigns via Facebook per goals determined in Google Analytics.

The stronger the bond the better. Not only will it perform in terms of LTV revenue, but the more options we will have to properly connect with Intelligence Marketing directed towards e-mail marketing campaigns.

Facebook Marketing and Remarketing

Facebook Marketing has been the backbone to growth for Important: Facebook advertising done properly will have a tremendous growth on organic and direct traffic.


Upon Starting to run Facebook Marketing Campaigns,  Moonglow was running with a $25 advertising spend per day. Not even breaking even.

$25 X 30 = $750

Only delivered two sales per month.

We decided to turn things off  and actually start with a new strategy. Therefore, the process began with website Conversion campaigns in order to run the Facebook Pixel as efficiently as possible.

Tip: The facebook pixel is extremely smart, and it will go out and try to find users that are similar per checkout complete or purchase.  Of course this can be run to add to cart or another event as well.  

Regardless of if you are running a look a like campaign of 1%, 2% or 3% just make sure the campaigns are going out to find the Most qualified prospects.

Instead of continuing with just the Website Clicks campaigns, our goal was to ensure the client got the highest ROI as possible while getting the most sales possible.

Upon reviewing the best graphics available and making quick edits to the photographs, we tested about 5 different copy variations simultaneously in 3 different ad sets to determine the best winner. This A/B Split test was done 5 times throughout 15 days and measured with Add to Cart – Initiate Checkout and Actual Purchases.

Facebook Marketing Campaigns Created:

  • Website Conversions
  • Video Views
  • Post Page Engagement

Before showing the screenshot below, I am going to ask you two things

  1. How much would you pay to take a user straight to your add to cart page, how much is that user worth?
  2. How much would you pay to take a user Initiate Checkout part, how much is that user worth?

After determine best images, best copy and best opportunities, the Website Conversion campaign was matched with a Look a Like Campaign of 1% and 2% in order to ensure the best quality possible of leads that were being exposed to Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings and Earrings.

The campaign was broken down into 4 different ad sets and with a daily  $50 dollar per day budget. it generated a 10 x ROI within 30 days.

 (Please note that the checkout process has been an improvement from now, and there are still a huge amount of improvements still to be made. They will take a couple of weeks as we will have to split test two different options to determine which one will enhance and facilitate the ordering aspects for all users that start checking out.)

  • Advertising Spend: $1,444
  • Purchases ROI: 11.8X
  • Initiate Checkout ROI: 446X
  • Add to Cart ROI: 1618%

Per this information, we were able to keep on testing creatives, copy, new audiences, new interest, behavior patterns, purchase frequency and more.

Remarketing = is the process of showing content throughout different websites in forms of text and banners to visitors that have entered your website and taken specific actions.

These efforts were connected and supplemented with another targeting platform that shows banners and dynamic campaigns to anybody that has entered the website and reached specific steps of the website per the audience segmented.

For Moonglow, we wanted to show banners to anybody that had started the checkout process. Upon fixing audience segments and banner options per user behavior, return on Investment jumped from 9X to 26X with only an additional difference of $7 dollars per day.

Checkout Flow and Understanding the Buyer

It is extremely exciting to see the conversion rate from add to cart to actual purchase has had its increases has increased by 34% after tweaking changes to the /cart page to bring out the most trusted aspects ecommerce pages should have.

SSL Certificate, Payment Method or Gateway, the ability to provide security and trust as people enter sensible information and do not want to go through fraud issues.

Understanding consumer behavior, facebook audiences, facebook insights is crucial for Moonglow’s growth. The more specific we get on Facebook, the more organic traffic it will

Lastly, there are still many changes to come as the company decides to move forward with new products and a new point of view from a high level brand story telling. Right now, the brand is still trying to build out a story and another aspect to build a deeper connection with it’s customers.

As we move forward and keep on testing the checkout process, scaling Facebook ads to shift to double and triple the budget, the goal is to sustain conversion rate throughout Q1 at around 2.8%-3.00%.

Last year, Q1 conversion rate was 1.33%. Therefore, the goal is to take a mid six figure business to a seven figure business in 12 months.

How to Increase conversion rate and improve Lead Generation for your business:

Phase 1:

Marketing is a numbers game. Whether is running dynamic tables, analyzing information after filtering columns, it all comes down to the way the data gets analyzed, and the action steps derived from those numbers.

Marketing is also about making the experience in general as easy as possible for the customer.

Lead generation comes down to finding what the user’s like, how they relate to a product, testing a product and seeing if they make a purchase or not. If it happens, fantastic, figure out a way to scale it while maintining the same result. If not, do not fall in love with what you think might be the appropriate audience for your product or service.

Customer’s have intentions and desired that need to be fulfilled. If we are not presenting them with a solution or a way to improve their life in some way, they are going to bounce, exit or just simply not even click an ad.

Therefore, deep dive into your customer’s interests, likes, lifestyle decisions, shows, books, purchases, behaviors and find the connecting dots that create the best persona possible.

Once that persona is ready, why and how will your prospects get to see them? When they see them, how is that persona going to keep them interested?

Now, you got attention and awareness, what can you do to get the user to commit?

This is where the challenge and the fun starts!

Final Case image of the case study:

May 2017 to May 2018

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