How to Block Spam in Google Analytics

Have you noticed an increase on Organic traffic or spam traffic lately? Even though more traffic is always exciting as it could mean more people have the chance to engage with our website, be very careful. These fake spam sources can come in several forms such as “” por a page title “vitaly rules gooogle” or “”

Block Spam Google Analytics


The image above shows how the scam referral domains would like on your Homepage report. Learn how to block these sources and how to keep your data as clean as possible.

Important to know: These languages spam are only affecting the homepage and now internal pages on the website.

In order to get rid of these spammy sources, please follow the following steps.

Go to the top of the page on your browser, and click on Admin.


google analytics admin


Your Google Analytics page will be directed to the administration page, which will show the Account, Account Settings, User Management, All Filters, Change History and Trash can on the left hand side of the page.

Click on All Filters

Google Analytics Filters


After clicking on Add Filter, a add filter box with a plus sign should show up on the left hand side of the page.
Google Analytics Add Filter


The image below shows how the page will look right before starting to set up the filter tips.



Google Analytics Filter

1) Write down a filter name to reference to and to create an easy reminder as this is “bad” traffic you are trying to block.
2) Google Analytics selects a Predefined Filter Type. However, to make it as customizable as possible, click on Custom


Google Analytics Custom

3) Google Analytics will automatically select Exclude
4) Click on Include

Google Analytics Include

5) Select “Hostname” from the Select Field drop down menu
6) Under “Filter Pattern” type your website
a. Example: “

7) Apply the filter to any of your profiles.
8) Click save and from there you should be done.

Follow these steps to  make sure that Google Analytics counts from visits from the own domain. The external requests from other domains will not be included in the data.


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