Case Study: How $115 Ad Spend Delivered 30 Leads in 14 Days

Realtor Case Study:

Trey is a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway in South Louisiana and has been a Realtor for over 7 years.

He has been the right fit for our service because Trey and his team have a great follow up the system with the ability to handle an abundant amount of qualified leads that are ready to speak to a realtor right away about their buying and/or selling needs.



Key Takeaways:

The results above are from only running $115.14 in ad spend which comes out to $3.71 per lead.

16 of the 31 leads above were looking to move in the next 6 months. Of those, 6 were looking to move in the next 90 days and 2 also had a house to sell.

The Realtor receives Name, Phone Number, Email Address and Buying Timeframe for each lead via text message and email in Real Time. The leads that are also potential sellers are providing their current street address and zip code as well.

The leads are providing their information to receive a FREE list of homes in the median price range for their local area. This is why quick follow up (15 minutes or less) is the KEY to our clients’ success.

Leads are 100% exclusive to just one Realtor versus sharing leads with several other Realtors as it typically happens with other Lead Generation services.


How We Achieved These Results:

We use ad copy and images that we know will catch the attention of people who are looking to either buy their first home or upgrade to a new home in the median home selling price for the area.

We mainly use Facebook Ads to achieve this continuous flow of leads. By targeting people with specific types of characteristics within a particular area, and showing them an offer that is exactly what they are looking for, we have been able to provide constant leads for our clients at a fraction of the cost of what other traditional marketing methods can deliver.

Facebook Ads are the new and the best marketing technique to drive qualified leads for Realtors. Knowing the lead’s buying timeline allows the Realtor to pre-frame their conversation by knowing which leads are hot and ready to buy right away versus which ones will need more nurturing over the coming months before closing a deal with them.

Our Facebook Ads marketing strategy will drastically improve a Realtor’s revenue, leads and online presence on Facebook, the world’s most used platform for 2016, 2017, and 2018.


Facebook Targeting and Strategy:

  • High Engaging Ad with beautiful images in order to disrupt a scrolling pattern on prospects’ News feeds
  • Selective Targeting within Facebook’s Platform in order to reach a high percentage of interested Homebuyers
  • Reaching out to a specific target market allows Advertising spend to reach the most qualified prospects without wasting impressions
  • Interested Homebuyers are taken to a short form in order to get their Free Homebuyers List
  • Users fill out the information needed and are then taken to a Thank You page with the information of the Realtor who will be following up with them so it’s a warm follow up and they are expecting it!


People that are searching giving out their Name, Email, Phone Number and Buying Timeframe are highly qualified and are interested in making an effort to purchase a home in as quickly as the next 30 or 60 days!

These leads are also a great way for Realtors to partner with a Loan Officer in their area and share the marketing expense because both the Realtor and Loan Officer will benefit from a majority of the leads. A high percentage of the leads will need to be pre-approved for a loan so it’s the perfect opportunity to form a good relationship with a Loan Officer. Naturally, the Loan Officer will also refer other homebuyers that they have pre-approved and need a great realtor to work with. We also run specific marketing campaigns to get leads for Loan Officers so it would be beneficial for a Realtor to partner with one and have us send different leads to the Loan Officer, which would then be referred to the Realtor once the buyer has been pre-approved.

We have a complete marketing approach that will help any Realtor in any part of the country get more leads than they can handle, and we can make it happen in as little as 48 hours.

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