Case Study: 4.25X GROWTH First 30 Days of Product Launch

Quantum Vacuum First Month Case Study

Advertising Spend: $10,948

ROAS: 4.25X ROAS on Acquisition Campaigns First Month Since Launch

Sales: 71 Sales via Facebook Advertising valued at $498

The Objective:

We were approached to run Facebook Ads for a Direct Response product being sold via Infomercials. This product was sold on TV only on the weekends were the advertising money was being spent.

They were running ads on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) in order to reach millions of people during the weekend.

Approach prior to starting:

The client was seeing a 2X ROI with their TV Ad spend reaching the entire country.

Audience Research Based on Interests on Facebook Advertising

  • Audience Research based on Purchases (Behaviors)
  • Audience Research based on Competitor Pages
  • Custom Audiences from Previous Purchases
  • Custom Audiences based on Facebook Page Engagement
  • Custom Audience Based on Facebook Post Click Ad
  • LookaLike Audience from Emails
  • Uploaded Full 28 Minute Infomercial
  • Cut Videos into different Segments for Future Retargeting Audiences
  • Added Pixels with Add to Cart + Initiate Checkout Segments

The Goal:

Upon meeting and signing our contract, we clearly set the expectation upfront and informed that these campaigns needed months of Brand Awareness while focusing on Acquisition as well to get a positive ROI.

For all the audiences, we began by uploading videos and used the video format for $0.01 – $.02 video views from 7 seconds to 4 minutes.

Videos shown:

1) Testimonials with Proof

2) Product Reviews with Benefits

3) Benefit Videos with Descriptions

4) Offer + Savings.

5) Videos for Purchase intent for conversion campaigns














Our Approach:

We Began by running Video Campaigns targeting

  • 15 Different Interests
  • 5 Different Purchase Behaviors
  • Traffic Campaign to begin Testing Cost per Landing Page Views
  • Reach campaigns to Gauge CPM

Landing Page:

The Landing Page was built and used from a Direct Response point of view. The direct response page is very different as it is oriented to show the offer with a focus on the price + savings vs. focusing on the product benefit

The Result

Acquisition Campaigns 60% of Budget with 4.25X ROI

Brand Awareness Campaigns: 40% Of Budget to then apply retargeting campaigns.

$10,987 Ad Spend got: 71 Sales

Reach = 544,074

Impressions =  884,280

Men & Women = Women 90.38% and Men : 9.57%

Total Brand Awareness + Acquisition Campaign Roi: 3.24X

Since the first 30 days of Launch!

Website Initiated Checkouts averaged $16.18

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