Case Study: SEO and Paid Ads for a Local Service

Local Businesses  running Facebook Ads and Google Adwords ads are on full advantage!

Local Businesses and service providers not creating impressions on Facebook ads, are leaving free money on the table for their competitors, who are taking customers away.

Yes, you read that right. If you are a Business Owner and not running Facebook Ads or Paid Search Ads, your competitors are taking some of your business.

Did you know businesses on the Local Map Pack account for 60% of all organic clicks?

Yelp, Angie’s List and other websites were great in 2015 and  2016, but do you really need to keep on lowering your prices to make sure your business stands out? Can the same strategies from the past couple of years really take your business to the next level?

Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Search Engine Optimization are the game changers for your local service business.

See How we increase Leads and Sales by 73% with Search Engine Optimization and by over 40% with text Paid Ads for a Local Window Tinting Service Company.

Click to call ads had the highest improvement by over 122%

The image above represents a growth of 42% since February had 28 days. March lasts 31 days, and there were 3 conversions on the last three days of the month. Therefore, full month to full month, paid search delivered a 56% growth. After all, we are showing apples to apples comparison! 

Local services used to thrive on word of mouth, but need to take advantage of this new era and changing business landscape. The more traffic that comes and lands on the website, the higher the chances will be with growth. Plain and simple.


When 50% of local searches include “near me”, is your business ready to be seen by the interested customer?

Did you know: Local Map Pack accounts for over 60% of organic clicks.

Our client, a local window tinting company in Atlanta, had been running Google Ads without any efforts on Search Engine Optimization. Their traffic relied on it’s own brand term, but it did not bring additional leads through non branded terms such as “window tinting” or “residential tinting in atlanta”


Page Speed:

Sometimes a quick website change can make a huge impact on how quickly leads can flow down the pipeline.

In a mobile era, it is crucial to always facilitate information for our prospects through mobile devices and with fast websites?

Did you know, a one second delay can decrease a conversion rate by over 15%

Use this tool to check your website’s mobile speed:

Easy Call to Action + Lead Capture

One small call to action change made leads improve by over 30% for Organic traffic and by over 35% with Paid Search Traffic. Mobile visitors coming to the page for a specific service, needed to scroll all the way down to the page to click a button.

We quickly shifted the call to action buttons to the top of the Homepage, after clicking a Hamburger Menu and shifted the lead from above the fold.


Paid Search Campaigns:

Paid Search campaigns were running to Mobile and Desktop, splitting about 50% of the revenue, but Mobile drived about 85%-87% of all conversions.

Conversions on this website are counted as the people that successfully reach the Thank You page after providing their name, phone number and email.

Since Mobile ads do not have the same space as Desktop Ads on Adwords, we need to trim the fat and point out the benefit extremely quickly. Not only are the characters shorter, but the attention span on a mobile device lasts about 50% less when compared to desktop.

Changes to the highest converting ad resulted in a 68% increase

Search Engine Optimization:

The window tinting service was plagued with on page errors, missing on page tactics, and did not have a proper link building strategy. After auditing and diagnosing the page for the easy quick fixes, the website was able to start ranking on the first top two results for “service + neighborhood” and on the top 10 for “service + city”.

Naturally, the service + city has a much higher competition.

We took a different approach, and created different local pages for different neighborhoods around Atlanta, while creating a silo structure in order to better position the website depending on the customer’s IP Address.

Two Months later, “service + city” rankings saw a tremendous boost to the top 5 results, as the new content was now being mixed with several guest post opportunities. Roofing contractors, tile contractors, floor remodeling, solar panels, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling and DIY websites were all interested in accepting a guest post.


Quora + Reddit

Quora and Reddit are still part of the efforts for this Window Tinting Service company. By answering questions and starting communications in several sub-niches, we have been able to generate a few leads every single month from readers that are finding the content useful.

Both pages have dozens of small engaging groups which specialize in specific areas. Overtime, even though both are only delivering about 10% of what Search Engine Optimization deliver, they tend to convert much higher, and have had a pretty high Return on Investment due to their interest in commercial building tinting.

Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search, Facebook Ads and many other digital marketing channels will take any local service to the next level.

Mixing several channels will present users the opportunity to not only find a business faster, but allow it to gain more visibility, and higher chances of building a trusting authority. When it comes to making a decision, social proof on local listings or search queries can give users up 2X more clicks.

Users care about reputation and want to receive a fair price by the “best in the industry”.

For example, when looking for a dentist online for a cavity treatment, are you more likely to select the dentist with 40+ reviews on Google, or the dentist with 4 reviews and a 2 star rating?

Mix and Match Search Engine Optimization with Facebook Ads and Paid Search to give your business the visibility it deserves across search engines and the channels used by most people.

If 90% of the United States spends money on Facebook, do you think your audience could browse their newsfeed and see your ad!

Yes,  you are correct! Reach out below and let us know how we could help you out!

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