3 Content Marketing Tips to Increase Conversions

Content is the greatest offer we can present prospect, users or visitors to enter a funnel and start a lead nurturing process. Demonstration Products, Whitepapers, E-books, Free Trials etc, are all materials to decrease concerns. This information or CTA should direct to a new landing page to merge our communication and strategy methodology.

We Marketers, celebrate when prospects start Saying “Yes”.

Yes, triggers the subconscious to start digging down deeply, eases conversations and gets the prospect user to start realizing that the value being offered might be greater than the value getting in return. The same give and get rule that applies in life, can also be used in Online Lead Generation!

What does your Business offer that would make customers add one more click?
Is it Limited Quantity? Is it Limited Time Offers? Or will you offer a combination of both tactics?
Why should users stay on your page instead of checking what the competitor is up to, their price or promotion in general. Make them stay with Desirable Offers.

Improve Your Offer.

The title is going to be one of the most important components of the actual offer. Without a good title, you won’t be able to capitalize on the expected results. Captivate visitors from the moment they land on your page and are exposed to the lead magnet selected. Numbers or How-Tos work really well for these type of actions. “10 ways to Boost Overall Revenue….” “How-To Step Up Your Revenue”. Want to learn more about Converting headlines? Read the 5 Best Converting Headlines to further explore Headlines in order to boost your Marketing Metrics.

One of the biggest marketing Mistakes we see at Perconvly, treating all customers the same. Realistically, most customers won’t care about your brand or who you are. However, do not get offended by this and actually take advantage of the positioning. Shocking: Prospect customers land on your page from different parts of the funnel. Therefore, even more shocking: Do not treat all customers the same. Vast majority of all websites treat prospects the same by having a Contact Us form rolling down the page or with a submission button, but what about the users that are not ready yet? What about the users that would like more information before speaking to a salesman? What about the users that do their own research and want some sort of engagement before attaining comfortability?

The customers coming from a specific channel at the bottom of the funnel might be more interested in making that decision closer to a sale in order to try/view a demo, but customers from the top of the funnel might be more interested in a whitepaper, or customized a different landing page with different content, or display product/service benefits.

Call to Actions, will be the most important element of customers clicking on the offer. As mentioned previously, the headline is one of the most important components, but the CTA is key.
Are you getting excited already? Thinking about where to implement, and which ones are the best performing CTAs? Read our 5 Best Performing Calls to Action. A good CTA, should always follow a great landing page. Landing pages are actually highly effective for almost all businesses, whether its B2C or B2B, it will help you capture leads at a higher rate. 5 Landing Page Tips to Increase Conversions.

Overall, without finding ways to keep on improving the offer, the conversion rate will remain flat. Therefore,
1) Change Tittles
2) Change messaging per funnel and per interest
3) Change Call to Actions and keep on testing.

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