Generate Qualified Leads through Linkedin

Qualified leads, isn’t that what we all want? As business owners, healthcare providers, retail owners, those are gold to us right? These are the people that are most likely to purchase the service or product we provide, but how do we get more of those leads and how do we take advantage of it?

Take a step back and let me ask: How are you generating leads?

Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, Guest Blogging, Outreach Strategies, Searching Forums, Quora, Content Marketing, etc?

In SEO, there are four different types of keywords we like to use when doing keyword research.

  1. Transactional Keywords
  2. Navigational Keywords
  3. Informative Keywords
  4. Ready for Intent Keywords

Out of those four, which types of keywords would you consider the most important for your business?


Perfect, we are in agreement!

How to Generate More Leads with Linkedin

Linkedin is a fantastic way to start generating more leads. It allows you to segment people by industry,  zip code, degree of connection,  name etc. The possibilities are endless! So is the power!

For this, you are going to need Linkedin Premium to reach more prospects. Start with a 30 day trial and if works, continue paying the monthly membership.  Although it might sound expensive, it is pretty cost effective per leadt. What do you sell and what is the price? Is it a product or service that allows people to purchase  or make monthly payments? If so, this is fantastic for a pretty low and effecicient Cost Per Acquisition.

  1. Login to Linkedin
  2. Upgrade to Linkedin Premium
  3. Open up Chrome
  4. Type
  5. You should Be Here
  6.  Arrive at the Homepage


7) Download the Chrome Extension

8) Install and Go back to Linkedin

How it Works and How to Use it:

Enjoy this short tutorial  video or follow the steps below



  1. Go to your Linkedin Profile
  2.  Click on the Advanced wording right next to the search bar
  3. The Autopilot Menu Bar will pop up
  4. Click the Advanced button on the left hand side of the page
  5. The “Advanced People Search” menu bar will pop up
  6. Now, on the left hand side you will see : keywords, first name, last name, title, company, school, Location
  7. Next: Filtering options include: Relationship, Location, Current Company, Industry, Past Company, Profile Language, Non Profit Interest
  8. Select the best option combination and click search

Let it run for a couple of hours in order to determine who has seen your profile and who sent you a friend request.

Linkedin Lead Generation


How You Rank

Linkedin will show your profile ranks after a day or two of gathering some data. As of today, June 27th, my profile is ranking at #8 out of 93 professionals within the industry. Over the next couple of weeks I will publish one or two articles on Linkedin to give my name more exposure, and to better communicate and target my desired niche audiences.

Now, go out there and get Linkedin Premium and in order to let your business grow. Chose wisely and select specific targets of people you would like to reach through linkedin. Do not go out there trying to see 10,000 profiles in a month that are not relevant to your industry.

Hope this help!

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